About Us

The Surgery Center at Deborah has been and remains dedicated to providing high quality outpatient surgical care in a convenient and comfortable setting. We treat our patients and their families with the highest quality of care and maintain an enduring commitment to excellence.

We are a multi-specialty facility and Medicare-certified. All of our physicians are board-certified with significant training and experience in their respective specialties.

Our state-of-the-art facility features technologically advanced medical equipment and our medical staff offers superior clinical expertise. We are dedicated to providing our patients with the absolute best that medicine has to offer and setting new standards of excellence in health care.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of having your procedure performed at our center:

  • Convenience. Turnaround time between surgeries can be up to 3X faster than in the hospital-setting which means less waiting for you.  Physicians also enjoy block scheduling, allowing reduced turnaround time between surgeries. From on-site parking to advance registration, patients enjoy the comfort and efficiency of a smaller environment.
  • Comfort. Our facility is designed with patient comfort in mind. Because the facility is not located in a busy hospital setting, patients enjoy a more soothing, stress-free environment. 
  • Value. Outpatient surgery centers like The Surgery Center at Deborah are more cost effective than full-service hospitals, due to lower overhead costs. As a result, patients can expect significant savings compared with the cost of surgery at a local hospital. 
  • Dependable. Scheduled surgery times are not likely to be delayed or bumped by non-related emergencies, as they may be at a hospital.

You really do have a choice when it comes to where your surgery is performed. Let your physician know your preference.

Mission statement:
The Surgery Center at Deborah will be an innovative multi-specialty ambulatory surgery center dedicated to the needs of the communities we serve and caring for you as we would our own family.

Our healthcare team will strive to deliver the highest-quality, individualized, cost-effective ambulatory surgical care in a comfortable patient-oriented environment, while being committed to treating you and each other with honesty, respect, and dignity.

Vision statement:

The Surgery Center at Deborah will be the facility of choice, for patients and physicians, in providing ambulatory surgical services.

We will be the recognized leader of quality patient care and services, and the preferred place to work and practice.

Our core values will be based upon CARE for our healthcare team and patients:

C ompassion
A ccountability
R espect
E xcellence